A City of Art and Culture

Being a city of festivals, ethnic diversity and European flair, students have noticed that streets are safe day and night and that the community at large cares about the environment. The Montréal campus is strategically situated in a nexus of art and culture where students are exposed to fresh perspectives and engage in cultural exchanges daily. From access to public transport to a wide selection of housing and off-campus job opportunities, many students find it easy to adapt to the Montréal lifestyle.

Discovering an island

It is said that Montréal was inhabited for 2000 years by nomadic Aboriginals before the French explorer Jacques Cartier discovered the island in 1535. Nearly 500 years later, 1 900 000 people live on the island.

Economy in the port city

Montréal is the headquarters for many Canadian transnationals such as Aldo, Cirque du Soleil, Bombardier and Jacob. Students who study at the Montréal campus benefit from the commercial activity that goes on in the city. From an economic perspective, Montréal is an international financial and banking centre renowned for its manufacturing sector and its expertise in high technology. The city also harbors the largest inland port in the world making it a key gateway for transatlantic cargo.

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